This weeks film was entitled Melinda and Melinda and prior to watching I had not heard of it and made sure to avoid all research into it in order to give me a surprise.

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The film explores the same story told in two contrasting ways in an exploration of whether comedy or tragedy makes for better storytelling.


The film is interesting in terms of the story as you have the two narratives playing out simultaneously. The two are consistently referencing each other in both events and phrases used however contain two entirely different casts with the titular Melinda (Radha Mitchell) being the only character in each.

The premise of the film also works well and there are sporadic flashes of brilliance in the dialogue and certain events; the cast also performs well with Will Ferrell surprising in a slightly more serious role.

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The film is let down by the fact that it is simply boring. After watching similar scenes repeated it doesn’t seem to move anywhere and feels very shallow; the two sections are also not different enough to truly impact an audience. The comedy is not funny enough and the tragedy not tragic meaning that both are very middle-of-the-road films.


The film scores a mid-way 5.75 on the Allen scale.

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Although it has an interesting premise the film lacks any sort of depth and the two narratives remain too similar for it to truly function. I therefore award it 2 Woody’s giving it a total of five.

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