This weeks film is one I have been looking forward to as I have previously read articles stating that ‘Match Point’ is one of Allen’s greatest films of recent years. However I have to say that I was ultimately disappointed as the film although not terrible does not match the greatness achieved in say Blue Jasmine.


Chris Wilton (Johnathan Rhys Myers) is an ex-tennis pro who appears to have made it when he marries into a rich family. However an affair with a wannabe actress (Scarlett Johansson) who is engaged to his brother-in-law threatens to ruin everything with drastic consequences.

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As I said before the film is not brilliant; however there are several moments that shine. The consistent metaphors relating to tennis work wonderfully throughout and tie together the narrative in unexpected ways; however the film really doesn’t get going until the final half hour.

I presume that Allen was influenced by the ‘Hitchcock’ narrative once more in that most of the film is characterisation leading to dramatic consequences and I have to say this is done well. The characters may be a little lackustre (more on that in a minute) and despite not an awful lot happening for the opening hour and a half; the final thirty minutes is a tension filled thrilled that is truly astounding.

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The characters in the film lack depth and are simply annoying. Rhys Meyers character and all those with whom he speaks come across as upper-class ponces who seem a little pedantic; personally I found it odd that Allen would focus his narrative around such characters when these are the ones whom he normally uses for satire. This added to the slow narrative makes the film a drag. Scarlett Johansson performance does brighten things but ultimately even she lacks depth.



The film scores reasonably low on the Allen scale and is very untypical of what is to be expected from one of his films.

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Match Point is a disaapointing film with a fantastic ending that loses impertous because of a slow and tedious build up.

I therefore award it 2 Allens giving it a total of 5/10.

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