This weeks film is a Woody Allen’s tribute to the master of suspense Hitchcock and is a film with an entirely different tone to any other film I have thus far seen.



Ian (Ewan McGregor) and Terry (Colin Farrell) are a couple of brothers stuck in dead-end lives who dream of better things. With Terry finding himself in large gambling debt and Ian offered a great investment opportunity they are forced to turn to their rich Uncle (Tom Wilkinson) who offers them they money they desire if they complete a deadly task for him.

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Watching the film it felt very un-Woody. Many of the attributes and characters which I have come to relate to an Allen where missing – the film is not reliant on character and dialogue as so many are and is instead driven by an actual narrative. This although not brilliant was a little refreshing as the film plays out, however I am unsure if it is a good thing.

When watching the film whilst I was not bored I did not feel fully involved and am still unsure if I enjoyed it or not. It is definitely a film that I will never go out of my way to watch.


The film does have several points that are not good. Firstly I found that the Hitchcockian imitation which Allen attempts in terms of style felt extremely dated (with the story set in the current day) and made the characters difficult to like. The moments in which tension should have been created – and would have in a Hitchcock film – did not hit their marks thus making the film stretch out a little.

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The other bad thing in this film was the performances (particularly that of Ewan McGregor). Whilst I usually like McGregor in general; in this film he pushed the line of being obviously ‘acting’ too far that his character felt fake; as if he was reading lines and carrying out rehearsed actions. This was very distracting especially in some of the longer takes where his presence was needed. The team up of McGregor and Allen was one of the things that excited me for the film and was ultimately my biggest disappointment.



As I said this film was particularly un-Woody and therefore scores just 3.75 on the Allen Scale.

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Cassandra’s dream is a film which is difficult to judge I therefore award it 3 Woody’s; giving it a total of five.

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