This weeks films portrays Allen’s interpretation of London life as well as British people, in the case study of a family from the city.


Played by an all star cast this film follows several stories within the same family which are entwined. These include Anthony Hopkins marrying a prostitute and Naomi Watts being tempted to an affair with Antonio Banderas whilst her ‘husband’ Josh Brolin is similarly tempted by Frieda Pinto.

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The film is interesting in that unlike Allen’s other city based films the location does not come across as important. In most Allen films the setting is often referenced and glorified; yet in this film the London based setting is barely mentioned meaning the audience is able to focus on the characters.

The cast all perform magnificently and bring to life a far from brilliant script meaning that whilst the films lacks in wit the characters are beautifully crafted. Some of the stories are also rather interesting especially Josh Brolin’s which contains a rather dark twist towards the end of the film.

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The film suffers from many problems; namely that the balance between the difference stories is off. Each separate story is completely different (which is fine and can be successful as in To Rome With Love), yet because they are all inter-connected by the family ties appear forced and confusing. The different story lines appear as if they where bolted together at the last moment, especially that of Anthony Hopkins who shares perhaps three scenes with other characters.

The film is also annoying in that there is absolutely no closure; at the end of the film I found myself feeling very disappointed in that absolutely everything is left open ended. It felt as if I’d wasted an hour and a half on my life in this brief study of a dysfunctional family and I longed to see the characters succeed and in some cases receive their comeuppance.

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The film contains many features typical of Woody Allen film with its most obvious being the stammering of characters and the sexual references. The film contains a few nostalgic references (but is rather toned down on this front) and only really includes the use of music during the credit sequences (although a scene in which Anthony Hopkins visits a nightclub contains a more recent beat). It therefore receives a score of 6/10.

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You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger is a very average film which if made by any other director would not have attracted the cast that make it passable. Therefore I award it 2 Woody’s to be added to the 3 from the Allen Scale. Giving the film a total of 5 Woody’s.

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