If I’m honest I have to say this weeks film was one of my favourite Woody Allen films prior to starting the challenge and has remained so. It is one of the strange magical Allen films which occur periodically. 


Gil (Owen Wilson) is a writer obsessed with 1920’s Paris. On a trip to the city of his dreams he inexplicably finds himself transported back in time by night and hangs out with famous figures from the past including Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

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This film is good in every department; the script is well balanced, witty and consists of characters whom the audience really cares for. All of the historical figures are written perfectly and match up well to the personas which the history books have given them; they are performed by an all-star cast with a fresh cameo always just around the corner.

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Watching the film I loved the magicalness of the entire thing; the fact that ‘why’ the protagonist is able to time travel is not really explained is fantastic as the details of it are unimportant to the story. Allen is one a few filmmakers brave enough to trust in the audience to understand what’s happening without adhering to the rules as most time-travel films do. Sure the time-space continuum is probably screwed over in this film and the butterfly effect probably changed the entire future, but do we care? No.

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There is very little wrong with this film; it is as I said well rounded in all areas. In fact, I’m struggling to come up with a criticism that is worth writing so I’m just going to not give any.


The film contains many trademarks of Allen. In the film Owen Wilson plays the Woody Allen character; stammering his way through the past and obviously due to the story it is packed full of jazz music and nostalgic references. Once surprising thing is that New York is not referenced in this film. Most Allen films iff not set in New York generally have a character who originates from or has lived there. In this film every character comes from Hollywood which was a bit of shock.

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I think its pretty obvious from this review that I am going to give the film 5 Woody’s, this coupled with a score of 3.25 form the Allen scale gives it a score of 8 Woody’s.

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