Firstly I must apologise to my readership for posting this a day late; there have been some problems beyond my control that prevented me from posting on time but oh well, on with the review.

This weeks film is one I have been looking forward to since the start of the challenge. I am a huge fan of the Lynch’s TV show Twin Peaks; loving the quirky universe, which is created, however have never got around to watching the film which is a prequel of sorts.


The film is split into two parts; the first involves two FBI agents (Keifer Sutherland and Chris Isaak) investigating the recent murder of Teresa Banks. Then after a brief cameo from David Lynch himself and Kyle Machlachlan reprising his role as Agent Dale Cooper; the film shifts to the town of Twin Peaks and we are shown the weeks build up to the death of Laura Palmer.


The film is very much in the tone of the TV series; with absurdity contrasted seriousness in such a unique way that it is impossible to not be entertained. There are the usual Twin Peak moments of stereotype characters such as the local sherriff who makes bad jokes about coffee.

There is also a few moments of pure terror within the film particularly towards the end of Laura Palmer’s storyline when she is haunted by the threatening prescence of ‘Bob’. There is a also a strange sequence involving David Bowie which makes absolutely no sense but is very intriguing to watch.

Several scenes in the film are set within the Black Lodge and as in the series these scenes look astounding with the red curtains, creepy statues, ziz-zag floor all coming together to create a world that is terrifying.


The problem with the film is that for all the good parts (and there are a few) it is simply too difficult to understand. The shift in the narrative at the mid-way point is not explained at all and really shocking as there is no closure as to what has been happening. It then restarts with the story of Laura Palmer and this whole section feels forced and silly, particularly with the way some of the cameos from the TV series are just thrown in.

With a knowledge of the TV show I could just about fathom what was happening however I couldn’t help but think that if I who hadn’t watched the show I would have no idea what was going on; there is no real exposition; things happen that make sense in one way but no sense in the other making the film a headache and a drag.


Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me is as strange a film as you will get; however it is let down by a ridiculous narrative and lack of justification in anything. The entire film feels simply pointless and was a huge disappointment. 2 Lynchs.

david-lynch david-lynch