This weeks film was Wild At Heart and was once I was looking forward too as I knew it contained Nic Cage going crazy and doing Elvis impressions (something which sounds fantastic).



After being released from jail young lovers Sailor (Nicolas Cage) and Lula (Laura Dern) run across the country whilst being pursued by Lula’s mother and variety of strange goons.


The film is very Lynchian in that it takes reality and puts a strange twist upon it; however in this film the line is not as blurred as it was in last weeks Blue Velvet. The characters are all typically Lynch odd with strange obsessions and traits. Nic Cage playing an Elvis loving, snakeskin jacket wearing vagrant is the obvious stand out to the cast as he brings with him the flair and entertainment value which only he is truly capable.

The film is stuffed full of sex and violence; it begins with Cage beating some guy with his bare hands on a staircase in what in probably the best scene in the film. The violence is in no manner played down throughout the film with each punch taken or given felt and plenty of fake-blood being used.

The sexual scenes in the film are also filmed very stylistic with each ending with a flash to a colour (normally red). In one extended sequence of lovemaking there is a flash to each colour of the rainbow intercut with the couples in a variety of positions.

Amongst all this violence the film is also full of references to the Wizard of Oz; even to the extent that when in extreme danger Laura Dern clicks her heels together three times in an attempt to escape from the world and return home. However she is not in Oz she is in the universe of David Lynch and therefore such an easy escape is impossible. She is forced to endure further torment.

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The film contains several cameos from actors such as Crispin Glover and Isabella Rossellini in roles as insane goons. These ‘goons’ are sent to hunt and murder Cage and Dern but find themselves stopped by their own obsessions and quirks. The standout of all these characters however comes in the performace of Willem Dafoe in the role of the least insane goon. Dafoe spends much of the film playing games with the other characters and showcasing his horrible teeth; it is at times hilarious and at other creepy to watch him.

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For all the great characters in the film it is let down greatly by the narrative. The story is thin and tiring with very little to it. The film feels as if it was made simply by Lynch putting crazy characters, sex and violence into a movie to see what happened. Characters lack motivation and depth making them almost boring even if they are insane.

In last weeks review of Blue Velvet I discussed how that film bordered the line between reality and oddness perfectly to create a charming universe. Wild at Heart however shows what happens when the balance is off; the characters make this film consistently weird meaning that all sense is reality is lost. Meaning that scenes such as bank robberies lose their impact.



Wild At Heart is an average film with some good characters but very little plot. 3 Lynchs.

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