This weeks film is a strange one as it is Hitchcock tackling a new genre of dark comedy! 


The Trouble With Harry is that he’s dead. When Captain Wiles (Edmun Gewnn) thinks he has killed a man in a hunting accident he attempts to hide the body, unfortunately several other residents also believe they have killed the man and thus are bound together in lies. 


I was not expecting this film to be a comedy when I began watching; therefore it took me a little time to get involved. However once I had grasped the humouressness there are so many good jokes – both physical comedy and witticisms – that it was difficult not to laugh. 


The universe of this small town created by Hitchcock was a joy to watch with all the cast performing magnificently. The narrative is also fantastic with every element tying together in perfectly.


This also marks the first film in which Hitchcock worked with composer Bernard Hermann and the score created is a unique and original one, which is extremely memorable and matches the tone of the film perfectly.


The film is good in terms of comedy, however it lacks any of the real tension, which typify a Hitchcock film. There are very few Hitchcockian moments, although this is primarily because of the narrative it is a little disappointing.

Also there are about as many jokes that don’t work as there are jokes that do, meaning the film is a bit of jumble; albeit a hilarious one.


Hitchcock makes a cameo walking past a posh car about 20 minutes in.


An interesting foray into comedy by the great director, but a lack of tension lets it down. 4 Hitchs. 

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