This weeks film was entitled To Catch a Thief and the title is an extremely fitting one for a film about catching a thief.


John Robie (Cary Grant) is a reformed jewel thief living happily in France. However when a copycat thief begins stealing expensive items Robie must go on a hunt to catch the thief and clear his name. This leads him into tricky situations and a whirlwind romance with the young Frances (Grace Kelly).


The film is generally put together well and there is a good sense of tension throughout. There are many subtle touches that give this film a real sense of charm; for example the cat symbology that constantly recurs around Robie works wonderfully as both a metaphor and for comic effect.

There is a car chase during the film, which was very interesting to watch and very well cut together however it was disappointing to not see the crash on screen.


The performances of both leads are fantastic – as you’d expect with actors of this calibre – especially Cary Grant who makes what could be seen as an evil character relatable to an audience. Grace Kelly is once more wonderfully pretty and a joy to watch.


The ending of the film comes as a massive disappointment as the twist if far too obvious with the thief being the person you’d expect. Also some of the dialogue throughout seems forced and not in the charming ‘old movie talk’ sort of way.


Hitch makes his cameo about 10 minutes into the film as a man sitting on the back of the bus. It’s pretty obvious.



To Catch a Thief is a film which although good if far from great. 3 Hitchs.

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