This weeks film was Rear Window which is considered one of Hitchcock’s masterpieces and one of the reasons why I began this challenge. 


L.B Jeffries (James Stewart) is a photographer who has recently broken his leg and become trapped inside his courtyard-facing apartment. He soon becomes obsessed with spying on his neighbours. When a pair of neighbours begin acting suspiciously he begins to investigate a possible murder with the help of his model girlfriend (Grace Kelly) and carer (Thelma Ritter)


The entire film is fantastic and there is very little that I feel I can say that hasn’t already been said. The way in which Hitchcock builds tension using voyeuristic point-of-view shots is immense and the fact that the camera only once leaves James Stewarts apartment gives the film an incredibly claustrophobic feel. 

Grace Kelly is also once more magnificien in her small but vital role as is the rest of the cast.



There is very little wrong with this film the main thing being that towards the end there is a sequence in which James Stewart uses the flash on his camera to try and scare off an approaching person. When its fires the entire frame tints orange for a second, the effect is very jarring and adds a lot of age to the film as it something that would not be used in modern filmmaking.



Hitchcock makes a cameo as an angry man who visits a piano playing neighbour of James Stewart.



This film by far the most suspenseful of any film watched in this challenge and rewarding even after several repeat watching. A diamond example of how to build tension within film.


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