Dial M for Murder is am important Hitchcock film as it marks the first time with which he works with future princess Grace Kelly, and she does make this film something marvellous being the epitome of a Hitchcock blonde; beautiful, elegant and a good actress


Grace Kelly plays an unhappy wife who is having an affair with a young American writer (Robert Cummings). When her husband (Ray Milland) realises the affair he begins to plot her murder.


Grace Kelly is very memorable within this film with many of the iconic moments involving her; for example the murder sequence. This sequence is fantastically done as the tension builds and builds; with every detail from the husbands plan going wrong in some sort of fashion. The murder itself is also pretty gruesome.


Another good aspect is a sequence of the film in which Grace Kelly is convicted of murder; she simply stands still with lighting effects changing around her as a judge pronounces his verdict. The sequence is brilliantly simple yet very effective as the audience really feels for Grace Kelly. Image


The film does not have many flaws other than once Grace Kelly is convicted it loses direction for a short period of the plot where not much happens. However when the plot is realigned it picks up with brilliance leading to a very good ending. 

Hitchcock makes a cameo in a picture of a graduation ball.



Dial M for Murder is a fantastic genre piece and a must see for any ‘mystery’ film fans. The stunning Grace Kelly fits perfectly into a plot which is highly entertaining and truly suspenseful. 5 Hitchs. 

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