I, Confess is an extremely interesting film with a very unique idea that explores the idea of a priests confidentiality agreement in a way that I have never seen before. 


Father Logan (Montgomery Clift) hears a confession in which a man confesses  the murder of a local businessman. When the murder is investigated it is revealed that Logan held a grudge over this businessman and ultimately Logan becomes the prime suspect. Logan then battles his beliefs as he decides whether he should go to jail for a crime he didn’t commit or break his holy vows.


The tension throughout the film is truly fantastic as you see the personal trials through which the priest is going. The film-noirish shadows particularly help emphasis the effects.


The story as highlighted is very unique and original, exploring issues, which are never really discussed or thought about by the mass population. Even those who regularly got to church and confess.


The ending of the film comes from nowhere and is much too fairytale with everyone being happy. This was changed because of the censoring however it still detracts a lot from the overall impact and memorableness is ruined. 


In the opening sequence he is runs across a dark alleyway.



I, Confess is a good Hitchcock film and a good film tension wise; however the ending proves a massive let down.

4 Hitchs

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