Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a film which is very untypical of Hitchcock in that it is an out and out comedy. This however does not stop Hitchcock from proving his competence as a director. 


Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Robert Montgomery & Carol Lombard) are a married couple who seem fairly content with each other. However after discovering their marriage is not legally valid they decide to not re-marry and explore the single life; with hilarious consequences as Mr. Smith attempts to prove his love for his now ex-wife.Image



The film is very fun to watch with several scenes being thoroughly entertaining as Hithcock explores how love between a couple can change over time. 

The narrative is original, witty and well-paced and when there’s possibility for tension i.e Mr. Smith spying on Mrs. Smith when she’s on date it is generally good whilst still remaining light-hearted.


There are no real problems with this film other than it is not what you could call a proper ‘Hitchcock’ film. There is very little space for him to build real tension due to the comic nature of what he is directing and from that perspective it is a bit of a disappointment.


Hitchcock does make a cameo walking past Mr. Smith’s house about half-way through the film.



Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a very enjoyable film and a nice change from the thrillers which have been appearing on the challenge. However due to its comic style and lack of Hitchcockian themes I can only award it three Hitchs.

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