Jamaica Inn brings me Hitchcock’s last British film, which is a real shame as many of them have been thoroughly enjoyable, however what it does mean is that in the coming weeks I am able to watch some of his more famous features including next weeks Rebecca.


A young girl (Maureen O’Hara) whose parents have recently died travels to Cornwall to stay with her aunt who lives at the haunting place that is ‘Jamaica Inn’. Soon after arriving she discovers that her uncle Joss is the head of a gang of ‘wreckers’ who trick ships into crashing on the dangerous rocks and then steal the cargo. As things really start to get dark the character of Sir Humphrey (the delightful Charles Laughton) enters and the plot twists and turns in several directions before reaching a rather dramatic climax.



The film is ok, however compared to some of the other films seen in this challenge not spectacular. Throughout the film good tension is creating through all the characters particularly towards the end as the audience knows every characters agenda but the characters have not yet discovered who is lying and who isn’t.

There is only one moment in the film that stands out as typical Hitchcock (this is perhaps because of the infamous disagreements he had with Charles Laughton during production) and that is a moment of voyeurism as the girl hides in the roof and looks down on the gang of wreckers through a hole in the floor.


The cast is also wonderful with Charles Laughton being the stand out performer. For all the issues that occurred during production between him and Hitchcock the quality of his performance is something that makes it obvious why this actor had a future of Hollywood stardom ahead of him.




The film although not great is not terrible. There is a lot of talking and the ending seems to come from nowhere with no real build up, but otherwise the film is just average. 


Probably due to the problems he had with production of this film, Hitchcock did not make a cameo.


Jamaica Inn is not Hitchcock’s best work but it is far from his worst also. I am truly looking forward to seeing his Hollywood films in the coming weeks. 3 Hitch’s. 

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