Young & Innocent is a Hitchcock film which I found very similar to  Secret Agent the film he made two weeks earlier. The film is very typical of Hitchcock in style and narrative but is ultimately forgetabble due to lack of real charm and stand out moments.



The story is perhaps the most typical of any Hitchcock film. A woman is found murdered on a beach and our protagonist (Derrik De Marney) finds himself framed for the murder and thus is forced to go on the run in an attempt to clear his name. Upon the way he receives help from the chief superintendents daughter (Nova Pilbeam) and as you would expect romance blossoms.



This film is one I would definitely not describe as bad however when it comes to finding stand out Good moments they are hard to think of. The film has good tension carried throughout however a lack of depth in the characters made them unrelatable and annoying. There is a scene at a party where the protagonist is almost caught that is probably the best example of tension.


At the climax of the film there is a scene is that is spectaculalrly well filmed with an astounding tracking shot that shows us a party before revealing who the murderer really is however the effect of such a shot is lost simply because the reveal is not a shock.


The film has several very Hitchcockian moments the first obviously being the story as aforementioned; the story of the accused man setting out to clear his name is one which has already appeared several times in this challenge (most onviously in The 39 Steps) and I know already it is to appear several more times in his career (North by Northwest). Also the way in which the film starts with a murder is something which Hitchcock did often from as early on as The Lodger it is a way of building tension that was fundamental to Hitch’s career.


As discussed the film is not bad just forgettable, nothing of note happens for long periods and when it does I know longer cared. The ending of the film was highly disappointing from a story point of view, I was expecting a great twist to reveal who the murderer was however there was no such change; it all just felt very standard.


Hitchcock makes a cameo in this film as a man who stands outside the courthouse. In the cameo he is pushed around by several people and reacts in a rather amusing manner.



Young  & Innocent is an ok film as discussed however as it contains nothing of real note I am forced to give it 3 Hitch’s.

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