Juno & The Paycock is Hitchcock’s second talkie. It is adapted from a famous Irish play and from the outset it is obvious that very little has been changed.


The film is set in Ireland during the revolution and explores the hardship of a woman, Juno, who must look after her two adult children and her lazy husband who refuses to work. By good fortune the family come into some money after a rich relative dies and with these new riches forget their values and friends.



To be perfectly honest there is very little good about this film. It being by far the worst films I have had to watch so far in this challenge (a real shame since the film two weeks ago Blackmail was astoundingly good). 

There is a touching moment as the family sings and a few of the jokes near the start of the film work for example the guy hiding on the balcony and getting wet. But it never goes close to hilarious and is generally just tiresome.



Much of the film is bad, both in content and style.


Firstly the performances are way too over-the-top; however this could be down to the fact that they are performing with sound for the first time and are silent film actors whose style hasn’t yet adapted for the new format.


The film is supposed to be funny… I think, however most of the ‘jokes’ fall flat as the characters are uninteresting and there is way too much dialogue to follow. The film has very little of Hitchcock’s famous ‘Visual storytelling’ and really suffers as such in keeping an audience intrigued all the way through. When the money is inherited I almost cheered as something has actually happened, I was then interested to see the story pick up, some tension to be created and enjoyment made. However it was not to be the film continued in the same pattern, a few songs where sung; and the son was killed.


In terms of the contextual content of the film I do not think I can commen as I know next to nothing about the Irish Revolution and it would be innapporpiate and rude for me to say anything without knowing my facts. What I can say however is technically Hitchcock does not to a good job to build any sort of tension; I would even go so far as to say the film just felt lazy.


Hithcock does not make a cameo in this film.



The film is dire and boring. I therefore award it 1 Hitch.